How Magento SEO can be done with 7 important steps?

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the critical aspects for Magento SEO optimization, While off the page SEO, i.e. citations and links, is necessary, one should not forget about on-page optimization. On-page optimization can be a blessing if you implement it correctly.

So basically, I have divided the Search engine optimization of your Magento store into three basic aspects. Think of them as a little checklist for your SEO. You can categorize all SEO configurations into these three divisions and one by one you can check and optimize your store according to them.

The following five Magento SEO tips will ensure that your e-commerce site is better optimized for search engines.

1. Titles and Meta Descriptions

For any good website, the foremost thing to do is title & meta as making appropriately improved page titles and meta depictions shape the fundamental initial step for SEO. On the off chance that you don’t precisely name and recognize the website pages, just think how might you anticipate that a web search tool should discover you?

Your Magento web-based business site is loaded with substance and as a rule, contains different pages with classes and items. Same as that, we guarantee you effectively name your pages by doing the accompanying:

-> Substance pages are utilized to distinguish the substance inside the particular page. Utilize 70 characters in the title to guarantee the most extreme advancement. Any more drawn out than that and your title will be cut off in the Google SERP.

These can be situated as pursues:

Magento – > CMS – > Manage pages – > Choose which page to alter – > General Information – > Page Title

As we know, the meta description can likewise be altered and ideal character length is 156 characters. This should be possible picking the meta depiction alternative which shows up on the page data sub-menu.

Class pages are utilized to distinguish the various classifications in your internet business site. It is significant not to copy class page titles, however, on the off chance that you are uncertain, you can check your depictions and titles by utilizing the Google Webmaster Tools to recognize any duplication.

Item pages can either be improved by altering each page depiction as above, in spite of the fact that this won’t be shrewd in the event that you have a ton of items.

So as to ease these issues site proprietors can utilize a custom principle to robotize the item page depiction and title. Not all site proprietors will have the essential learning to make their very own custom guidelines, and thusly it is proposed that you either buy an outer SEO augmentation or have a custom standard explicitly produced for you.

-> An average custom guideline could look something like this:


2. Robot Options in Your HTML

What we do for a website or any business application is to be ranked and recognized by Search Engines. So, search engines use “robots” or “spiders” to crawl the webpage and find that particular information searched by the user. Here comes the role of code, so adjusting the HTML code of the website, one can specify how these robots are to search or crawl your pages. User can prevent the spiders from crawling those pages, using “no index.” You can also control whether search engines send “link juice” to pages that you link to using the “follow” and “nofollow” attributes.

For your information, In Magento this code can be located here:

Systems -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head

The robot options are as follows but should be used carefully:

  • index, follow
  • noindex, nofollow
  • index, nofollow
  • noindex, follow

3. Managing URL

Another approach to all the more likely streamline a site is to change the standard dynamic produced URL into a “search friendly” URL. This is best done by your URL Rewrite Manager Tool, which typically abbreviates your unique URL into one that contains focused on keywords.

4. Generate a Sitemap

Optimizing sitemap is must-do work for a website and specially for Magento e-commerce website. Optimizing and make it right helps Google find your site more easily. You can even mention how often you want a sitemap to be generated, and the Google XML sitemap generator can be used to do this. It is been advised that the sitemap.xml file be saved to the root level of the server.

5. Site monitoring

If you are looking to have Magento site or already running one, you should keep searching on how your site is operating on a daily basis & that be done from Google Webmasters & Analysis tools as well.

Generate your own reports with Google Analytics to see how your site is performing in terms of sales, traffic, links, and more. For that, you will have to create an account in Google, your UA code is found on the account settings page of your Magento account. You can also check out the official Google Webmaster Blog for more tips.

-> An alternative method is uploading a unique file to the server to verify your website. For more analysis and research in order to track e-commerce data, you can utilize Magento’s Google Analytics Plus extension.

6. Manage site speed

At last, with regards to streamlining your Magento site for web index revelation and rankings, hire seo professionals for major things you’ll have for your webpage speed.

Since Magento is a decently asset escalated framework, it’s basic for store hosts to experience moderate burden times if the correct safety measures aren’t taken. Furthermore, since these stoppages can bring about a negative detriment for your site’s SEO score, it’s a smart thought to oversee site speed by empowering content documents at every possible opportunity and serving some substance from an outside CDN.

7 Install canonicalization plugin

Like most other CMS (content management systems), Magento website do suffers from a weakness. A weakness tha taffects the end result with having multiple URLs of same page.

Now comes the remedy part, there are two ways to solution:

  • Setting up 301 redirects that point all non-important URLs at the page you want the search engines to display in the SERPs.
  • By adding “rel=canonical” tags to the <head> section of any page you don’t want indexed.

Take away

Hope I have a clear major part of the SEO activity. Still, if you are looking to optimize or Seo for your Magento search engine optimization, reach Divine SEO Services at or fill-up the form to get a quote now.

If you’re looking to build an eCommerce store in order to sell online, you can’t go wrong with the Magento platform and experts can help to for the same.  Not only Magento is a free piece of open-source software, but it also offers an incredible number of features and a rabid user base.

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